I guess our history really started prior to the charter in 1958. Prior to 1958 most of our area was part of Local 721 in Toronto and Local 736 in Hamilton. As you might know that the majority of members that transferred to Local 786 when the charter was granted to Local 786 were from Local 721 in Toronto and Local 736 in Hamilton as well as some from Local 711 in Montreal, Local 759 in Thunder Bay, and Local 765 in Ottawa. Prior to 1958 the building of Algoma Steel, INCO, Falconbridge and all the Paper Mills in Espanola, Sault Ste. Marie, Timmins, Kapuskasing, Smooth Rock Falls, Iroquois Falls and Sturgeon Falls. We also built power project dams and power houses on all major rivers in North Eastern Ontario, approximately forty (40) dams in all. We were also involved in the building of all major Mine developments in Timmins, Cobalt, Temagami (Sherman Mine) and the Sudbury area, including Strathcona Mill and the Nickel Rim among various others in remote areas. So you can see the rational for a Charter to service all the above. We have built additions and maintained all of the above since the 1958 charter.  The project that motivated the charter was probably the Elliot Lake development.  This is when Local 786 was chartered.

Our vast area covers the District of Sudbury, Algoma, Parry Sound and the District of Cochrane south of the 50th degree latitude.

At the time of the charter we had all of the District of Cochrane and beyond the District of Parry Sound that included some parts of the Bruce Peninsula. The district of Cochrane was divided with Local 759 to read south of the 50th degree latitude in the district of Cochrane was recognized to be the jurisdiction of Local 786  and north of the 50th degree latitude as reassigned to Local 759.

The Bruce Peninsula was given back to Local 736 and our boundary then ended in the district of Parry Sound. That was the beginning of Local 786.  After the charter was granted we brought in approximately 100-200 members, mostly through transfers from Local 721 and Local 736 with token members from Local 759, Local 765 and Local 711. In the beginning the Local was run by the first President Jean Dion and vice President Jim Tye as well as the Executive Board.  Later on they elected Jim Tye as the first Business Agent.  From then on we structured ourselves as per our International Constitution and we wrote up by-laws as we are governed today. We were and are manned with great Ironworkers and Rodmen from the time we began till this present day.  We developed an Apprenticeship Program that is the backbone of our Local. We had good and bad times but we survived and we are doing very well.  We just purchased a new building that we plan on doing a lot of training in and we hope to some day have the delivery to train Apprentice Rodmen in conjunction with the Ministry of Skills and Development.  We will also have our own meeting hall starting with the August 2008 membership meeting.  We have a monetary surplus that will carry us through bad times.  We have signed agreements with the majority of local Mechanical and Structural Contractors in our area.  Our main Office is in Sudbury and we have a sub office in Sault Ste. Marie and possibly in theTimmins area in the future. Presently our membership stands at 604 members and is rising.  We have enough work for our membership and we are also supplemented by members of other Locals in peak periods. We are very proud of who we are and our aim is for the betterment of the Membership and to provide the best service possible. We have made major strides from 1958 to this date. This was all made possible by all the Officers and Members of Ironworkers Local 786.