For any Training Please contact Vincent Chaumont to put your name on a list of training you need. Or you can fill out the form below to add your name to the list for a specific course.

ONCE we fill a class the class will then be given a chosen date.

Elevated Work Platform (EWP)

Forklift Training

Working At Heights

Working at Height Refresher


8 Ton Broderson

Foreman Training

Welding Practice: EVERY FRIDAY FROM 9AM to 3PM (Please call to reserve your booth and let us know you're coming.)

Welding Test Dates:

January 26th 2018 (8am)

February 23rd 2018 (8am)

March 23rd 2018 (8am)

April 27th 2018 (8am)

May 25th 2018 (8am)

June 29th 2018 (8am)

July 27th 2018 (8am)

August 31st 2018 (8am)

September 28th 2018 (8am)

October 26th 2018 (8am)

November 30th 2018 (8am)

Decemeber 14th 2018 (8am)

Rob Lavoie                 705-674-6903  ext 204

Vincent Chaumont    705-674-6903  ext 201

Iron Workers Local Union 786 Training Center

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We will notify you once the classes are filled, we will then schedule the course(s) and let you know when, where, time and start date of the course.